I never planned on being a photographer.

But I did have a burning passion & motivation to provide for my family.

So I decided to become a photographer.

My closest friends & family told me I was crazy – ya know, since I didn’t even own a camera at the time. But that didn’t stop me. I bought the camera. I just needed to learn how to use it. And that’s where things got difficult.

You see, it was in 2008, right during the “great recession”, a very economically terrible time for the US and being a new photographer on and offline had major hurdles as the veteran photographers were not eager to encourage or help any new photographer.

Eager to learn I’d scour the photography message boards and forums to take in as much info as I could, and when it was my turn to ask a newbie question, I’d hold my breath and cross my fingers that I wouldn’t only catch a tidal wave of rude, angst filled answers.

Luckily, I didn’t let those hate filled encounters online stop me from learning and mastering my camera… and I did just that. After a lots of hard work, I managed to go on 3 weddings as a 3rd shooter / assistant, for free to gain experience and after that I was on my own. Through no shortage of heart and hustle we booked 28 weddings in our very first year and we’ve been fortunate to have grown our boutique wedding photography business each year from 2010 to 2016 – all alongside of our full time day jobs in those first 7 years.

Extra time was not on our side, but with the right process and working smarter not harder, we did it.

In those years we worked with some of the most amazing couples and were flown to unique & exotic locations like Cabo San Lucas, Maui, Hawaii, Zion National Park and the lush landscapes in Washington to photograph weddings.

I started Cole’s Classroom to serve two main objectives:


To create and foster a supportive, inspirational and motivation community of aspiring up and coming photographers who can get answers to their questions - without any fear of ridicule or anger from others.


To break down confusing photography concepts and techniques into simple and easy to understand lessons that any photographer can understand so you can see real improvements right away to keep you motivated and eager to keep mastering your camera.

The truth is, when you are a brand new photographer it’s overwhelming, frustrating and many consider giving up by thinking you aren’t good enough. I was once there in your shoes. It’s not a fun place to be. But it can get better, if you keep trying and have the right support to keep cheering you on. That’s where I can help.

At Cole’s Classroom you have the training, the tools and the support that you need.

I sincerely thank you for being here and trusting myself and the rest of Cole’s Classroom to help you reach your photography goals.

Cole Joseph, founder

  • I am a guitarist and play in the rock band Arson Academy.
  • If I could only eat one type of food forever, it would be Mexican food – hands down.
  • As I child I raced BMX and motocross but quit riding years ago, now I get my adrenaline rush downhill mountain biking. It's a blast & pretty intense!
  • Our little Yorkie, "Chloe" just can't relax anytime on the boat and always is patrolling the water from the back step. She must wear a life vest so we can easily grab her when she falls in!
  • My dream is to live in Paris at some point in my life with Nicole and Chloe. Maybe we’ll make it happen some day.

Five Cole Facts

Meet the Team

Everything from our photography tutorials, premium presets, training programs & customer support is top notch with support & guidance from real professional photographers. The result for you is a warm & cozy community of like-minded photographers that’ll make you feel more like friend than strangers all with the same goal – 100% focused on making you a better photographer.


Betsy Davis is a wife, mom, and portrait photographer living in northwestern Missouri. She is the owner and principle photographer of Betsy Davis Photography. Her love of photography was born out of a lifelong passion for documenting memories, and is rivaled by an (almost) equal love for good coffee and sunny weather.


Lauren is a North Carolina-based portrait photographer and photo editor. Besides photography, she enjoys yoga, red wine, cooking with her husband, and playing with her cute pup, Cash.


Melissa is a boudoir & destination wedding photographer. She lives in San Diego with her husband and two cat-babies. She loves traveling and craft beer – especially when she can combine the two.